We understand building projects often come with a lengthy list of decisions and time constraints. The selection process can become overwhelming when viewing all of our options. The brick tour is our way of helping you pick out the perfect look for your home or project. Our tour is the most effective and efficient way to simplify this process for you. We accomplish this in three steps:

Step one:

We begin with some general questions about color and texture. Once we establish a general vision for your project, we will take a look at the samples we have displayed in our showroom. We strongly suggest that you not solely pick from the small display samples because the bricks can have a very different look once it is a finished product (such as a new home). The goal of step one is to gather a short list for step two and three.

Step two:

This step consists of using our sample walls that we have built outside of our stores. This helps to see the brick in natural lighting with the mortar (grout) that goes along with it. This will help to narrow the list even further, or even add to it.

Step three:

This step is where we make picking out baked dirt fun! Once we figure out what “strikes your fancy,” we chauffeur you around to show you the corresponding finished brick products in the local area. Our “brick connoisseurs” will explain the different finishes and how they can dramatically change the overall appearance of the brick. These understandings will allow you to communicate exactly what you want to your brick layers and builders.

Customers really tend to enjoy our brick tours and find them very helpful. The tour generally takes an hour to an hour and a half. You will see a variety of our bricks within the short amount of time that you need. If you like simplifying things and getting the result you want; contact your nearest Bradley Brick location and come enjoy a brick tour!

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